About Angwin and Angwin Fire Safe Council

Angwin is a rural enclave located on Howell Mountain, between the Napa Valley on the west and Pope Valley on the east.  Surrounded by forest and vineyards, Angwin is an unincorporated community and is home to the four-year Pacific Union College (PUC) Campus and Preparatory School, an 8-acre commercial area of businesses, along with the Angwin Volunteer Fire Department, the Angwin Airport (1 of 2 airports in Napa County and the only up-valley airport), plus various home-based businesses and wineries.  Vineyards cover approximately one-third of the acreage in the Angwin area outside the residential and commercial areas.  The community’s overall “sense of place” and character is largely derived from its agrarian and forested environment.

The all-volunteer Angwin Fire Safe Council (AFSC) formed in August 2015 with the assistance of the Napa Communities Firewise Foundation (NCFF).  The Angwin boundary includes 4.8 square miles with 12,668 acres.  Per the 2020 Census, Angwin has about 1,000 homes and over 3,179 permanent residents, plus about 900 college students not included in the Census, bringing the total population to approximately 4,079.  The fire hazard severity in Angwin is considered “very high” (Napa County General Plan, 2009).  Complicating the threat of fire, Angwin has a single narrow, winding road that traverses Howell Mountain from Napa Valley to Pope Valley.

About NCFF

The Napa Communities Firewise Foundation (NCFF) is an all-volunteer county-wide nonprofit organization that has been operating for 16 years. NCFF’s mission is to reduce the risk and impacts of wildfires through community education and fire fuel reduction efforts in Napa County. We are achieving this through local, state and federal grants and by educating our communities on such topics as defensible space, home hardening, and fire preparedness.